Being a mum is…

Every time I have to give Mish his dose of antibiotics I call it Fortnite Juice. He just had another dose…

Me: Cmon buddy! Here it is, Fortnite Juice time!

Mish: Mum. Stop. Stop calling it Fortnite Juice. Call it what it really is.

Me: Fine…

He opens his mouth and I pop the spoon of peach/orange colour medicine into his mouth.

Me: It’s goblin vomit.

Mish: 🤢

From the Vault: The Tooth Fairy

Way before I started this blog, I would post my stories on my personal Facebook page via the Notes application. I have decided that I will share these earlier posts here – one a week. I hope you enjoy!

21 June 2010


My goofy girl Tilly – trying to convince the Tooth Fairy to pay up.

Hmmm. Parenting is no easy task and you are often faced with situations which require delicate, yet informative explanations – “cause I said so” does not gel with a three year old and her inquisitive little mind. I was faced with one of those moments the other day and I think I was not too clear on things as you will soon find out…

There is a cute little kid’s show called Charlie and Lola. One of Matilda’s favourite shows, not so for Hamish as there is no monster trucks. This particular episode, Lola had a loose tooth and her big brother Charlie set about explaining the Tooth Fairy. Lola was thrilled about the tooth/money exchange that was to take place, and so was Matilda as she turned to me and proceeded to check her own teeth for gum stability. A “Mum Moment” presented itself, and so I sat on the couch next to her to explain the story. As I opened my mouth, a little light bulb went off and I ran to my room and dug about in my little box of knick knacks where I just so happen to keep my first wisdom tooth in a plastic bio-hazard bag – serious! I returned to Tilly to find her now with one hand in her mouth, the other supporting the wrist and both feet up on either side attempting to get her savings account started. I sat down again and casually waved the bag in front of her eyes. She sat up and squinted at it. “It’s a tooth…my tooth” I explained. Fascinated, her eyes never left it, her little lips had curled back in a somewhat grossed out smile.

I started to explain how the Bank of Tooth Fairy works, that for each tooth that falls out – ON IT’S OWN ACCORD, gets placed under the pillow where the TF collects it, leaving you some money. From the tooth, they make great little portable houses, and despite the GFC, business is booming for TF Home Industries. Matilda asked why I still had my wisdom tooth, and I explained that this one was just for me, and I showed her the upper left side of my mouth from where it was yanked out by the dentist. I explained to her the roots, where the blood went in and how much sits inside the gum. Matilda was fascinated, and what I misinterpreted as excitement – but she was just eager to go to the potty. So with my Mum of the Year badge stuck to the back of my head, I sauntered into the kitchen to my eaves dropping husband. I had done well, we can tick the tooth fairy talk off the list of conversations.

Later that day, Matilda approached me, little hands clasped in front of her, her sweet little smile and crazy baby hair sticking out in all directions. She snuggled up to me on the couch. “Hey mum you know your tooth?” “Hmmmm” “Well can I borrow it to put under my pillow?” “Why?” “I want to buy a rainbow ice cream, but I only have ‘Fairy Money’ (lint from Mike’s belly button) and I need real money”. “Nooooooo. No. Nope. Noo-zaaa. That is mum’s tooth, the tooth fairy can only take YOUR teeth, and sweetie you still have quite some time to go till your baby teeth are ready to jump out”. I gave her a quick hug and she wandered off and Hamish resumed smacking my face with his matchbox car.

Since then, Matilda has come to the conclusion that if she can’t sell her teeth just yet, other things would surely be worth something on the Fairy Property Market and as such I have caught my daughter attempting to sway the TF’s interest with other items. Yesterday afternoon she snuck out of the kitchen, I was hot on her heels catching her out as she placed the organic, free-range egg under her pillow. Other items have been a tub of yogurt, shredded paper, lint, a pair of underwear, Mike’s squadron patches, her brother Hamish, a cat, and a pile of cat hair – all to no avail. In desperation she has taken to asking anyone if their teeth are going to fall out because she really, REALLY needs a rainbow ice cream. I think in lieu of a baby tooth, I am going to loan her my wisdom tooth and let her get that much needed ice cream on Thursday…Job Done!


Little Charlie Wheeler – A girl and her potter’s wheel.


*Rebecca and I met back in 2000 while undertaking our military training together, and despite being posted to different locations during our service careers, to this day we still remain close. I look at her as my sister, and she is Aunty Bec to my children.*

Rebecca is the super woman behind the bespoke farmhouse ceramics business Little Charlie Wheeler Handmade. All pieces are of her own design and made by her own hands in her private studio. Little Charlie Wheeler started up following the birth of her youngest child in 2015, and was initially based in Kallista, nestled in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, Victoria Australia. Bec and her family have since made the big sea change to a gorgeous little town called Snug in Tasmania. It was no small feat for the move, through her updates I have learned how perilous it can be to relocate a potter’s equipment – it is quite a task to move and deliver a kiln – especially when it is transported over the sea to the Apple Isle!

The kiln arrived along with all her tools and now her husband Mark has been hard at work in refurbishing a shed to become the new Little Charlie Wheeler studio. As soon as it is all set and working, Bec will be back at the potter’s wheel crafting her beautiful farmhouse ceramics, and I for one cannot wait to see her back in her studio. You only have to check out her work on the business’ website to see her undeniable talent. She has an eye and knack for creating beautiful, timeless home wares and décor that will never go out of style, and they make for beautiful family heirlooms. Each piece is hand made, and she makes her own glazes; therefore no two pieces will be the same, so if you are after a unique gift/home wares, this is perfect. Her creations have featured in the Farmer Recipes and Stories from the Land cookbook (which aims to raise funds for our drought-stricken farmers here in Australia), and the Great Vegan Meals for the Carnivorous Family cookbook, and is also featured in the My Goodness Kitchen blog. Her work has also been captured by Patrick Varney Photography.

Now I admit I love event styling. I love everything about it. I started my foray into writing by freelancing for an events company, and I absolutely loved it as it opened the Pandora’s Box for me and I spent my time dreaming up ideas for weddings and parties, following celebrity events and having fun creating the visions for you, the dear reader. Event concept/styling is something I would love to get back into.

What I love with Little Charlie Wheeler is that I look at her work and I can see it, and would LOVE to have it featuring in rustic and farmhouse weddings (which are the current wedding trends right now). Some styling ideas would be: Little Charlie Wheeler’s planters and vases filled with native plants and flowers decorating the guest tables, wedding cake/dessert tables. Candle holders on the guest tables, or marking out the wedding aisle or ceremony table that the newlyweds sit at to sign their wedding certificate. Platters to serve the food; Little Charlie Wheeler spoons, small planter pots and vases could also make for cute and unique wedding favours. Bec’s use of natural, earthy tones and hues give you pieces that can work with any style, creating an understated chic and sophisticated look to any event.

Bec is currently hard at work researching, designing and preparing for when her studio is ready to operate again. Little Charlie Wheeler will be looking at expanding the product range to incorporate linens, handmade timber products, vintage finds (Bec is the Queen of vintage shopping) and she will also be moving into prop hire for stylist projects (any wedding planners and stylists here, raise your hand!). I can see that Bec and Little Charlie Wheeler will only go from strength to strength, and I am incredibly proud of her and what she has created (and I just want to brag and give her and Little Charlie Wheeler a shout out. I love ya Sis!)


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